Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation

The Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation may provide funds through grants to eligible organizations for purposes consistent with provisions of the 2002 Framework Agreement (Agreement between the Province of Saskatchewan and the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations as amended).

Registering your organization is not an application for funding; it is however, an application to assess suitability and eligibility of an applying organization. Upon completion of the suitability screening process, the applying organization will be notified in writing regarding eligibility or non-eligibility. Eligible organization will be issued a registration number which shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of qualification.

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Understanding the Funding Process

* Certified Executives Form, Current Audited Financials, Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation

Please Note:

  • Know your Intake Dates. The event cannot start until 8 weeks after the intake deadline.
  • There is an Annual Verification of signing authority (Executive Certification).
  • Companies must re-register or renew every three years and upload new documents.

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