Eligibility Dakota Dunes CDC

Upon the applicant qualifying for registration, the Corporation shall issue a Registration Number to the applicant which shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from the qualification date. Applicants who have been denied registration or whose registration has been revoked may reapply in six months.

Eligible Programs

The Corporation may consider an Application for Grant Funding from an Eligible Organization for any program, project or community event providing that the Eligible Organization demonstrates that their proposed program, project or community event is consistent with the primary objects or purpose of the Eligible Organization and provides a broad community benefit.

Renovation projects may be considered providing that the Eligible Organization owns or is majority owner of the building which is considered for renovation and that any improvement or modification will compliment or enhance programming or service delivery and provides a broad community benefit.

Eligible Costs

Eligible Costs may include the following:

  • Wages, salaries and mandatory employee related costs;
  • Wages or salaries for project staff are eligible but must directly support project delivery and not replace general operating or core costs for the organization;
  • Reasonable expenses for individuals such as honorariums and participant allowances may be eligible provided the expense is justified and directly related to program or project delivery;
  • Professional fees;
  • Materials;
  • Supplies;
  • Uniforms and sporting equipment for Youth teams participating in group or league sports;
  • Short term rental of equipment and or facilities;
  • Short term office, building or land rental costs;
  • Short term utility costs;
  • Major and minor equipment;
  • Standard, non-luxury hotel or motel accommodations;
  • Transportation for project, project participants if required; and,
  • Eligible costs may also include any reasonable direct project costs that are needed to effectively and efficiently carry out an approved project or community event.
  • Eligible costs associated with a Youth sport activity include but are not limited to the following:
    • 100% of tournament fees up to a maximum of $1,000;
    • League fees;
    • Officiating fees;
    • Short-term sport facility rental costs;
    • Travel costs including transportation, accommodation and meals;
    • Training camps;
    • Coaching clinics; and,
    • Equipment and supplies.

Ineligible Costs

  • Administration fees;
  • Telephone, cellular phone, facsimile and or photocopy expenses;
  • Tips and gratuities;
  • Interest charges, late service fees or penalty costs;
  • Alcoholic beverages and or mini-bar charges;
  • Hotel pay movies and or games;
  • Limousine service and or rental of luxury or extreme vehicles;
  • Tobacco products not used for First Nation ceremonial purposes;
  • Expenses associated with adult sport activities or events;
  • Any item prohibited by applicable law;
  • Any item that may be used to aid or promote an activity that is prohibited by applicable law;
  • Funding attendance at conventions or workshops;
  • Projects where the sole purpose is to conduct studies and surveys; and,
  • Leasehold improvements or renovations projects which do not provide broad community benefit.

Eligible Objectives

Funding for community investment grants is allowable under the following categories;

  • Economic development;
  • Social development;
  • Justice initiatives;
  • Education development;
  • Recreational facilities operation and development;
  • Senior and youth;
  • Cultural development;
  • Community infrastructure development and maintenance;
  • Health initiatives; and,
  • Other charitable purposes.